Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Update on my performances!

So If you've been reading my blog you know I love to perform. So i'm branching out! At the moment I'm working on a cool new Debate for English Class. I can argue, think on my feet, I love researching and I love to talk in front of people. What could be cooler for a geek like me? So I am debating the opposition of: Human Genetic Engineering is morally justified.
Obviously I won't post details until after the debate because my opponent might still remember my blog, I'm not sure but either way I am determined and taking no chances! So a shout-out to anyone who passes by my blog, What's you're opinion on it and why?
Thanks everyone! More details to come on all my upcoming performances. Tomorrow is take your kid to work day so some interesting things there, Thursday is a divisional concert, Friday is the remembrance day concert, Saturday I'm volunteering at a midsummer night's dream, Sunday I'll be working on  arranging this cool song (again, more details later) and next week is equally as hectic.
Have a good rest of you're week y'all!