Saturday, 10 November 2012

Hey everyone!
I just finished my latest week of school (thank goodness!) and with all that came 3 concerts! on Thursday we had the Divisional choirs concert which was amazing! Our uniforms are surprisingly comfortable unlike those for the other choirs. So after our hour long practice 90 min. before the concert started I ended up talking to a whole bunch of people I haven't seen in a while. I talked to people during and after the concert too, I know more people than I thought would be at the concert. So anyways it was a great concert and we had tons of fun along with getting a standing ovation after singing and dancing until we were completely breathless! That was definitely the coolest concert I've ever done. The next day, (Yesterday) I went to school and had half of a science class before heading to my next two concerts, both for remembrance day. It was a beautiful ceremony and the choir sang an amazing piece called "In Remembrance" by Jefferey Ames. there was also the piper, cadets, candle lighting, the band played a whole bunch of talking and a letter reading that made me cry. Twice. Either way, it was the most beautiful school remembreance day ceremony I've ever been to. And the same choir that performed there has a performance at ChoralFest on Tuesday. We will be singing In Remembrance again, Break Break Break and Dubula. (Links at bottom)
Have a good weekend everyone!
In Remembrance:
Break Break Break: there is no recording on youtube sadly