Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Poetry #2

I already put this poem on another site and most of the comments were good. One said it was flowery and self indulgent and that I should never use the words "My_ is like a_" So sorry if this isn't your thing but those were my guidelines. Here is my metaphor poem.
My life is like the silver moon 
that sits up in the sky, 
My life is as the vibrant moon, 
just like one big eye, 
My life becomes a dinner plate, 
wide and round and full of hope, 
My life lasts on and on and on, 
 big and bigger still 
looking for friends, 
looking for stars, 
looking to choose the right path 
 am I walking in a circle, 
orbiting around a problem, 
can't turn back, 
have to keep going 
dips and bumps, 
small to big, 
turning into craters, 
always still discovering new, 
more and more and more, 
My life is like the spinning moon 
Silver, Entrancing and Enlightening 
My life is on the moon  

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Journal Entry 4

Journal Entry #4 was the most difficult by far. I think it was something about how Johnny and Ponyboy were heroes and what made someone a hero to you? Oh, and did you know any heroes?
This Question took a lot of thinking. I knew Johnny and Ponyboy were Heroes. I just had to wonder what a hero really was. Now I realize that a hero doesn't have to have superpowers or risk their life for someone else. They just have to give up one thing or make one person happy. Most of all they have to believe. Not only in others, but in themselves as well. So in my book everyone is a hero.
Thanks everyone! that was finally my last journal entry for the outsiders.!

Journal Entry 5

I still have a couple Journal entries left. Journal Entry # 5 was a character poem.

Subdued, Jumpy, Loyal and Good-Hearted
Friend of many
Who loves southern gentlemen, his gang and words
Who feels scared, unloved and lost
Who needs his friends, to be loved and confidence
Who gives his heart, his life and his pride
Who fears letting his friends down, being thought of as a coward and being forgotten
Who would like to see peace and happiness
Who lives in Oklahoma