Monday, 19 November 2012

Life may kill me

Hi again!
So I've managed to survive another week at school and I think i'm doing pretty well.
I think Last week went okay and It was definitely interesting. Well first off, we found out that we may never get a new science teacher (our original science teacher had complications with her pregnancy and the replacement doesn't speak french) but we're still doing the best we can. I also found out that apparently I just got paired with some kid I don't get along with a whole lot in two classes! Oh and because our band class needs a lot more work, we're playing a Christmas piece I played two years ago when I was first starting to play French Horn. But it was fun anyways. at the two concerts I had last week we got some great comments and it was lots of fun. and of course I have the same concert for the third choir this week. I think wednesday Is going to be very interesting because I have to wake up at 5:30, make sure I'm ready for the day, get to school for 7:30 so I can practice for Jazz, leave school at 8:30 (when school normally starts) for jazz fest and come back for 1:15 (hopefully) stay in class till 3:30 then go to divisional choir until 6:00 at which point I eat supper (probably at school also) and then at 6:30 the jazz choir (again) warms up for our other concert (yes folks this is still the same day!) at 7:00 the concert starts and it will probably end at around 9:00 at which point I walk home, finish any homework I happen to have and then fall asleep. Such a lovely day huh?
Well, I hope you all have a good week and I will try to blog again soon. Bye!