Sunday, 3 March 2013

So busy!!

It's March. and I remembered to blog! wow.
So anyway, he everyone! It's the busiest month of the year. some of my friends say that I say that every month but It's only really true for March. It's actually so busy I have 4 calendars so that no matter where I am I can see one of them and I can add to it. I have one in my phone, google, a paper copy in my binder and one on my wall. Just to give you an idea of what I do I have, Musical practice every Sunday and Monday, choir once almost every day, choir 3 times on Wednesdays, i'm singing at 2 concerts, listening to one, going to a musical, sitting at a talking circle, talking at the school's staff meeting, I have 2 tests that I know of, book club, a Youth Advisory Council, some volunteering, a doctor's appointment somewhere in there and a trip to Edmonton with the choir. Oh yeah and I go to school every day. Last week I had one concert and we won a gold medal!!! This week I have one concert with divisional choir and we are going to sing awesomely! and another concert with jazz choir. :)
I hope everyone had a great week and I'll write again soon. Bye!!