Sunday, 24 February 2013

Life is crazy

Hi Everyone!!!!
I did not realize that I have been blogging for over a year. not much blogging actually got done but I have been posting once in a while for over a year. Wow. how did I not notice that? oh well. So I realize it's been almost a month since my last post but I've been really busy between music and a new semester (15.1% over!) and just life in general. So I figured I should probably post while I had some time to myself. right now it's the end of the day at school so I took advantage of the last 10 minutes of Peace & Conflict to start a new post. So lately I've settled into semester 2 last week and it's pretty great. I have gym, grade 10 geography, French/Band, Choir/Jazz, English, Peace & Conflict. It's been lots of fun! In gym I just finished playing floor ball which was a lot of fun. I wasn't very good at it but who cares? and I wasn't That bad. in french we finished our book (finally!) and in band we're working on some very cool songs and that's lots of fun. Of course choir is amazing! Right now we're very busy getting ready for festival and that's been a blast. We're going to sing earth song by Frank Tichelli and Son De Camaguey by Stephen Hatfield. (curse you Stephen Hatfield!) Stephen Hatfield is this really awesome composer who writes some crazy songs that we love to sing. It's now Sunday night and i'm sitting at home doing pretty much nothing. So i'm going to continue. in English we just started Midsummer night's dream. I love Shakespeare and i'm having so much fun!! and then Conflict and peace is really interesting so far. We're finished our first unit about defining peace and we're starting a new one tomorrow. i think it might be my favourite non-musical class. So this week I have an hour of volunteering, a concert, a bunch of choir practices and who knows what else. It'll be fun, it always is. Only difference: I managed to sprain my wrist before all this. So as of today I have to keep it wrapped for however long. Whopdeedoo. Have a great week guys!