Thursday, 14 March 2013

I have a life?

Hey everyone!
It's Thursday and I'm blogging because I'm just kinda blogging whenever I can. Of course I won't blog two weeks from now but, whatever. So my life has been absolutely insane lately! I'm just gonna post most of the e-mail I sent people because I send my family and friends a monthly (sometimes more) e-mail just to say what's up with my music. I've even started getting reactions from them such as: "It's great that you found something you love and are good at" or, "I know how great it feels to be successful with music congrats!" or "hey isn't your name funny? Coral's choral endeavors! however did your parents know?" Usually the responses are more along the lines of: "when do you breath kid!?" So this is my life:
The concert choir performed at music festival earlier and got a gold medal. We also had more fun than a runaway horse! The choreography went better than planned and last night we performed at a choral excellency concert to sing Son De Camaguey and Earth Song. Now we are working on new repertoire for the endish of the year. We started seasons of love (third time i’ve sung it!) and Come Sweet Death, doesn’t that sound pleasant? It’s going to be a fun month after spring break and we are continuing to work very hard.
The divisional choir also performed at music festival. We won 2 gold medals, 2 trophies and a standing ovation. Again, this group also got invited to the choral excellency concert. The choral excellency concert features the 6 best choirs from music festival, 2 at the elementary school level, 2 middle school groups and 2 high schools. Right now everyone is really frazzled in anticipation for Edmonton. (Only 7 more days!!!) We are singing at the University, west Edmonton mall, a church service and a nursing home. Tonight we will be singing our two best songs: Wade in de Water and Ka Hia Manu. We have performed Ka Hia Manu 3 times now but it seems like more since we started it back in september. People are starting to a better job of controlling the poles although it’s really hard when you’re in such a tight space and you have to draw your arm back without hitting anyone (someone always gets hit in the face, please let tonight show that there’s a first time for everything!) In Edmonton we are thinking of singing Let everything that hath breath, come away sweet love ka hia manu, wade in de water, bright morning stars and basically whatever we can have ready by then. In practice we have been attempting to get build me up buttercup ready for Edmonton and the general ruling is: any new people can suck it up and just figure it out. We’ve been having lot’s of fun and we are also getting ready for Cabaret. My friend and I are determined to win a spot in cabaret and are working very hard on anything you can do ( I can do better) from Annie get your gun and so far it’s going pretty well. As a group, we don’t know what we’re singing yet, other than Dancing in the street and it’s still in the beginning stages. Divisional choir is definitely a lot of fun and i can’t wait to go to Edmonton with my friends.

Now we know that Our director (Mrs. Avonlea Armstrong) has won a well deserved award for being such a dedicated conductor and we don't know anyone who could be more deserving.
Yay Mrs. A!!!!!

Ok I'm kinda busy right now so see ya next time I blog!
Bye :)