Sunday, 27 January 2013

Exams, oh joy!

Hi everyone!
Don't we all know that exams make people totally stressed? Well, don't be so stressed! you might not have an amazing exam. I don't think I will! but you should have confidence that you'll do fine! Exams are only as scary as you make them seem. If you studied then you will probably do really well. If you payed attention in class and studied a lot, then you have nothing to worry about. It can be kind of hard to remember things right away, but that's why they tell you when your exams are a month ahead of time and you get lot's of time. If you remember to get lots of sleep, eat well and study (not the night before) then that's awesome. Make sure you get there about 15 minutes early, find your seat, don't stress yourself out before it starts and go to the washroom before, it's only a matter of how well you know the info. Trust me, I've never taken an exam before but I've taken a lot of contests that are at least as complicated as exams. (stupid math contest!) and i know a lot of other people who HAVE taken exams. everyone says the same things so that's what I've been saying to anyone who wants to know. (Now if only I could take my own advice...) Also, If your teacher gives you a chance to review, take it! I just came home from a math review i guess an hour and a half ago and since it's a sunday night we were tired and made weird mistakes (since when does 20-8=14?) but we remembered everything and it was worth it. It was actually surprisingly fun. but other than going crazy studying I've had a life too (sort of) or at least as much a life as I ever have. I was at my cousin's birthday party this weekend and I'm drowning in music. I love babysitting my baby cousin whenever that happens and my 3 choirs are going great! We're getting ready for festival so we're working really really hard but it's a lot of fun and I'm doing what I love so I don't mind so much. Music is something that as much as you love it, you can't forget how hard you're working, you just don't remember that you have to be there. We get to sing some beautiful song and some fun rhythmic songs too. We're singing things like, Wade in de water, Son de camaguey (Cuban folk song), earth song, let the river run and some others. My friend is telling me to stop rambling so much and get to the ending already. So, I hope everyone has a great week, i'll probably post when I'm done exams (wednesday or thursday) and, yeah. 
Have a great week guys!