Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Hey everyone!
SO I've been really bad at this whole post once a week thing but I thought I would remember to post for New years eve so here I am! I was actually really busy the weeks I didn't post I didn't just forget about you guys :) So I had all my concerts which went really well actually. We had lots of fun singing at the senior's home and the hospital and our parties. All the parties went well too by the way! We had lots of fun and made these cool handprint  posters for the kids in Newtown, Connecticut. They're not accepting any more because of how many they got so instead you can still do it but just hang them up at YOUR school or workplace and take pictures to send instead. Here's the website! so, onto my post. Obviously I've been liking my music a lot. so I could probably ramble on for a long time but I've just discovered my laptop has 15 min. of battery left and I have to post this tonight.
For starters, or whatever this would be since it's like my, third paragraph, I hope you all had wonderful holidays and any that aren't over yet continue to have wonderful holidays! If you want to comment, please tell me what you celebrate and what your favourite part of that holiday was! After that I have decided to do what a lot of people have suggested: a list of awesome moments in 2012.
Where do I start? Okay this isn't gonna be in order i'll just write it down when I remember it.
1: annual Ski Trip. So much fun! We didn't get much skiing in cuz it was too cold but we had a lot of fun hanging out together.
2: IMC (sorta) It was fun for the most part, I love band so it was fun but I was on crutches so that took a lot away from it. and the food wasn't all that great. I'm told it's a lot better in the summer though. oh well!
3: My first rock concert! I went to go see Rush perform with my best friend and her dad. It was so much fun! (Instant fan here!)
4: PlayLoud; summer band camp. Rock band camp. 2 weeks jam packed of singing and making friends and learning all sorts of neat stuff all while playing with a great band! And the performance was just amazing! Wow!
5: Brandon Jazz Festival: I've been twice now but 2012 was definitely the best. Full house for our performance and then we went to see an amazing concert live! I had so much fun and learned a lot about jazz and about my group. More new friends!
6: PHC Provincial Honor Choir was totally amazing! 3 days of singing with people who love music as much as I do! What could be better? and I met tons of new friends because I only knew 2 people in my choir level. The older choirs however... anyways, lots of fun!
It's getting hard to keep going! I have so much more but I can't think!!
7: Starting High School. That was pretty cool I guess. Lots of fun for sure! I can't believe how fast it goes though. actually I can, it's just like concert season never ends!
8: Meeting all the people in my classes, friend's friends all that but especially the people I'm in choir with. That was probably my favourite moment of 2012. Getting to know all these amazing people that make my everyday life as exciting as it is. :)
9: All the new things I've learned! It's just so much fun!! I've learned so much this year and not long from now, a new year full of new experiences and new friends and new things to learn awaits!
I'm starting to not remember much else, the year kinda went really fast. OH I have another!
10: My baby cousins were born!!!
anyways, like I said not much more to remember. I think the list will be a lot longer next year because I have a plan. I think some of you might like it too!
I decided I'm going to take a jar or a box or something (great plan kid! you don't even know what you're gonna use!) So I'm gonna take the whatever and every time something awesome happens (I think i'm gonna pick one thing from everyday) I'm going to write it down and put it in the whatever so at the end of 2013 I can look back and go awesome! and I can take it out whenever I'm having a bad day too! That should cheer me up!
So I think that's all for now I'll try to post again soon, Bye now!