Saturday, 8 December 2012

I'm still alive!

I guess the title kinda says a lot on it's own.
Hi again! I have decided that because of my crazy schedule, I will post once a week. Sundays since that's the only day I'm insanely busy. although this sunday is full of baking. We're finally finishing Candy Cane bark, we're making shortbread, meringues and buttertarts. Still relatively sane though.
So this week was crazy as is every other week of my life. No change in the condition of my arm. It still can't move properly and I won't play french horn. at least for another month. So I have a lot of baking planned for tomorrow but that's not all my friends are getting. everyone on a huge list of mine is getting a personalized Christmas card (that took a couple hours) and then anyone in jazz choir is getting a cute little box of candy cane bark and shortbread and a huge personalized music poster I made myself (pictures to come when I figure out how!)
Music is and always will be my life. This week was no different. Among 2 doctors and 1 physio appointments I also had 2 band classes where I explained to the teachers about my arm and had fun listening to the music. Found out that I really know a lot of musicals when we played "name that musical tune" in class. The candlelight service was absolutely amazing and I can't believe it was a mere week ago. It seems like a month ago now. We sang for a long time and I hung out with some amazing friends of mine and we got annoyed at the MC for saying collage (piece of art) instead of college (with the french e) when introducing our school. It was really fun though and I'm glad I was there. After that though, I went to Guys and Dolls (our school musical) on opening night! It was fantastic and hilarious and knowing the actors just made it that much better. I would not have missed that for anything and I'm so glad I went!! Choir was a lot of fun too, as always. we sang a lot of warmups and started discussing Christmas which can be an interesting topic in choir(s). This week we are going to sing at a seniors Christmas Dinner right before I go to a party dedicated to the hobbit. oh and next week, well i probably shouldn't even go there. but I will. On december 19th I will be at school at 7:30 for jazz choir where I will give out presents and cards and sing! then at 8:30 when school starts, I go to physio again. after that at 10:50ish, we go sing at a seniors home. We should come back in time to have a potluck Christmas lunch with choir. After that i go to my remaining 2 classes after which I go to divisional choir!! We are going to walk to the hospital and sing there for a while and then walk back to the school and have a pizza supper and I am going to hand out cards to those I haven't already given them to.
I can't wait for the rest of my month and I wish everyone was as fortunate as me. Happy Holidays everyone and have a wonderful new year!