Friday, 28 June 2013


Hey everyone!
My life is still busy in the summer. A lot less busy though. I'm finally free of grade nine!! I passed all of my courses and got pretty good marks in most of them too. I'm already thinking ahead though. In July, I'll be entering a few online writing contests through you should go check it out! Aside from that, I've got a few programs to go to at the library and a few more to volunteer for. I'm planning a party with some friends and family and I'm even (hopefully) going to the same rock band camp I was at last year!
Okay, it's official, not only can I not stay on topic today but summer in Winnipeg means wacky weather. 10 minutes ago, The sun was shining. I turned around for two seconds and it was pouring rain. Now the suns out again! What the heck!?
Besides my normal summer plans, I have a new blog right now.
That's for next year's school musical; Shrek. I get to play mama bear and we have a blogging assignment. Over the summer we have to post at least 3 blog posts talking about our character. This should be fun!
See ya later!