Saturday, 25 May 2013


Hey everyone!
So I am a total klutz. And a musical klutz at that. I managed to skin my knee, scrape my hand and sprain my ankle just by opening a door. Yep you read that right! I opened a door and missed the step. Then I set my pile of stuff down and my phone flew across that room. After that, I took a few busses and in each one, we got out the middle and the doors closed on my arms. Since then, I took my aunts dog for a walk and managed to trip in a pothole taking a layer of skin off the side of my foot and hurting my ankle even more. I am a certified klutz and I don't know what to do anymore!! Choir is fun as always and im sad because divisional choir is over for the year and the final school choirs concert is this week! and our musical has the performances next week. Everything is coming up so fast. and then theres exams... I have 9 or 10 exams all together this semester. 4 of them are music though so I guess it wont be too bad. I do have more than most people my age but that's just because I love my music so much!
Have a great week everyone,