Monday, 15 October 2012

Choir #2

So our other choir assignment so far is also by the real group. This one is called "Splanky" it's an interesting song that holds lot's of value for jazz singers.

So everything about the arrangement of the song is the same as When I fall in love.
For instance, It's still acapella, in 5 parts (the same parts), and has the same 5 people. but since it is obviously not the same song there has to be some difference, right?
The song sounds improvised but clearly is not because they are doing things at the same time.
The text is simply syllables strung together in a seemingly nonsense fashion so that you have to concentrate on the style and expressions. There is one solo and it is very interesting. It is entirely possible that this is written out, but based on the style of the song it is more likely improvised. Again they are very unified because they are listening to each other and making sure they can hear the base line no matter what.

It's a very interesting song and I like to listen to it.