Thursday, 20 September 2012

Choir assignment outline

So I just started High School and I like the idea of putting my assignments on a blog again. It makes me get them done sooner. So this time I have a cool assignment for Jazz choir. We were instructed to listen to a youtube recording of When I Fall In Love sung by The Real Group. Then we were given a sheet with a list of 13 questions and we could chose which ones to answer. So Here are the questions:
1 Is the song acapella or accompanied? If accompanied, what king of accompaniment?
2 What is the style of the song?
3 Is it a solo? A group singing in parts? How many parts? How many singers?
4 Comment on the text or language.
5 What is the form of the piece?
6 Anything in particular that stands out to you?
7 Comment on any solos you hear.
8 What do you notice about group unity?
9 What do you notice about the group's musicality?
10 Comment on specific chords or chord changes, or any interesting colours you hear.
11 What do you like/ dislike about the performance?
12 Have you learned anything from this performance?
13 Any additional thoughts?
So I haven't answered the questions yet, but I will get to them soon.