Sunday, 5 February 2012

Journal Entry #2

Describe the kinds of fears you have felt. What instigated those fears? Are they still fears you have today or have you gotten over them? If so, how did you manage to overcome those fears?

When I saw that question on the slip of paper the teacher gave out I knew my answer right away. Clowns and playground swings. I know, weirdest fears ever. I have no idea why I'm afraid of clowns but I do know that I am one of very few people that didn't outgrow that fear when I was ten. So yes I am 13 years old and still have coulrophobia. I doubt I am going to overcome this fear any time soon. For example, I was volunteering for a winter carnival and Ronald McDonald came to see the little kids. I was terrified and hid behind the game I was running because my friend wanted me to hug him. My other fear, playground swings does have a reason. When I was younger my family and friends would take turns pushing me on the swings. One day I fell really hard and I haven't been on a swing since without feeling sick and scared.