Thursday, 2 February 2012

journal Entry #1

I just found the rest of my journal entries and wanted to post them one at a time.
Would I ever join a gang?
In a way I would. In a way our class is a gang. A gang could just be a group of close friends regarded as a pack. On the other hand there's "street gangs". Those kinds of gangs have bad reputations. Who knows, maybe some of those gangs aren't really "bad". What does bad mean anyway? You're parents tell you not to be bad, but they never tell you what bad is. Sure I know that breaking a window, for instance is not good, but is it really bad? and if it's not bad, how can it be good? What are good and bad? They are ways of categorizing our lives. I think something is only really bad when you can't find an upside to it, and Vise Versa. So in conclusion I would join the first kind of gang. The second kind is a kind I would not join. This is because I like being known for "good" things and while I'm sure there are some "good" things about gangs, people will be very hard to convince because they are used to seeing gangs as something "bad".
(I would like to challenge you to stop using the words good and bad so loosely. This may not seem so hard but after even an hour it gets very difficult. Have fun!

Question 2: Would I be able to live with only my brothers?
I would. This is a easy question to answer. As long as I had books, music, sunsets and stars I would be able to. Books and music are how I cope and sunsets and stars are two things I find quite relaxing. Also sunsets and stars helped me to get through the deaths of my grandma and great-grandma. My brothers would not be hard to live with although their air of superiority would annoy me.

Question 3: Would I enjoy a sunrise or sunset with a friend?
Yes, I would. This is actually something I have done many times. I love being able to share my love of nature and relaxation with a friend. Sometimes, if you're quiet, a friend can make the experience even more relaxing.

Question 4: Would I stand up for what I think is right even if the people around me don't agree?
Yes. I would and I have. This is something I do quite often. If you think something is right or wrong and others don't, you should stand up for what you think. Often time at least one or two people will eventually agree with you. All this can make you is a stronger, better person.

Question 5: Would I ever write a book about my experiences?
Most definitely. That is an easy question. Although I would most likely never publish it, I would definitely write about it if it seemed worthwhile.

I do realize the format of this writing is different but I have been influenced by the writing of Jay Asher in Thirteen Reasons Why.
It is a wonderful book that I would recommend to anyone over the age of 12.