Sunday, 4 January 2015

Why I can't go sledding

So, just like a lot of other kids and teens I know, I love sledding. Problem is, I have a track record of having some pretty bad luck. When I was younger I missed sledding into a creek... And got stuck in the bushes instead.
I've always had some pretty strange things happen but it wasn't a problem until last year. I was sledding with a whole bunch of my friends as usual and then I decided to try and hit the jump that was about halfway down the hill. I was right on track and bracing myself to go flying when the sled turned just a little bit and I hit the side of the jump and went up up up and then hit my head on the wood and landed with my back on an uncomfortably sharp piece of ice.
In the end, I had a minor concussion and stayed at home whining about how the light was attacking me for a week and going out a couple nights to play with the school bands.
Nothing can keep me away from music!

So my parents were hesitant to let me go sledding this year for obvious reason. But after I pleaded for about thirty seconds, gave up and promised not to go on any jumps, I was good to go. This year though, I went sledding twice and injured myself each time. The first day wasn't too bad. It was cold enough that we were the only one's out there and we were having a lot of fun. But then I had to hit the one part of the hill that would send me into the air. This time, I hit it dead on and flew through the air in a near perfect arc. I came down for what looked like it was going to be a perfect landing... And I landed on my kneecaps off the sled, crushing my knees with pain.

But that actually wasn't too bad. After a minute of rest and another hour of running around, I was okay. I was just kind of sore the next morning. Then, I was at my friend's new year's party. We went sledding and were loving it but I hit my head a few too many times and ended up with a minor concussion. If that wasn't enough, (and clearly it wasn't because stubborn as I am, I had to keep going) on what we declared was going to be our last run of the day, all seven of us went down the hill and two of us hit a tree. It was the tree we had all been hitting all afternoon because all paths on that hill seem to lead to that tree but that time was special. We struck the tree in such a way that her knee and my foot took all of the force. Now, I am on crutches once again and my knee seriously doesn't like me. The girl who was on the sled with me managed to scrape a few layers of skin on her knee and have it become a rainbow.
Lesson learned mother nature! You don't want me sledding. I get it.