Monday, 24 March 2014

I'm still here!

Hi there!
So, I haven't blogged in a while. Five months actually. But don't worry, I'm still here. I've just been busy and sort of forgot about blogging. Since I last blogged on my birthday in October, we've been having a great year for all my music groups. The little group I set up had tons of fun at our remembrance day ceremony back in November. During that month, we also had our first divisional choirs concert of the year, went to choral fest with divisional choir, school choir and jazz choir and every performance was lots of fun! We performed with the WSO for their annual Prairie families Christmas concert and the jazz choir performed at the first annual jazz concert for the school and at our student recognition ceremony. There was also the annual winter concert featuring all of our concert bands, our wind ensemble, percussion ensemble and the choir! That was one busy month and so much fun.

Then, in December, we had our annual candlelight concert with the divisional choirs and it was splendid as usual. There was, of course, performances of Shrek: the musical and Legally Blonde at Sturgeon and Westwood respectively. The school choir warmed hearts when we sang at the school's senior Christmas dinner and I loved seeing many of my friends perform in their school's Christmas concerts. One amazing and very busy month!

January may not have been filled to the brim with concerts but it was certainly busy, preparing for exams and festivals with as much practice as we could possibly fit as well as performing standard solos for each other in jazz choir.

Moving on to February, I was kept very busy with events such as my Brother's wedding, the school open house and a performance at music celebration. February was also a particularly busy month for our school's bands with each one having a performance at the provincial optimist festival. It was my first festival in about three years and I had so much fun with both bands despite having a concussion from a few days earlier and I would not trade that experience for anything.

March has been just as busy and I'm not expecting it to slow down anytime soon. This month, I took third place in a French speaking competition, just behind one of my best friends and performed at Winnipeg Music festival twice, each time with amazing groups of singers I could not imagine having spent the year without. We took three gold medals between the two performances and were even invited to the annual choral excellency concert for some of the top choirs at the festival. I could not be more proud. Just last week, the jazz choir sang at a clinic with Jeremy Fox and we had so much fun singing and laughing together. We're growing every day and I'm really grateful for the chance to have this year with these guys. It's one of the most amazing groups of friends I have been fortunate enough to find and I have to stop once in a while and recognize that. Everyone helps each other, we laugh together, we make mistakes together and three or four times a week, we grow together.

Choir and band really are some of the most amazing experiences of my life and they're not going to stop. In the next three months of school, our performances will include a special coffeehouse night just for jazz choir that features each singer in a solo of their own with a professional rhythm section. The same week, all of the jazz bands will be performing at our big band dance, a time to laugh and dance and let loose with our friends while listening to amazing, live music performed by people we see every day. The day after the big band dance, we have Cabaret! a night featuring each of our three divisional choirs and a few soloists and small groups mostly singing show tunes and a few pop songs done by the choir. It's an amazing night every year and one of the best concerts I can remember performing at. In may, we've got four concerts, all worth getting excited about! The divisional choirs will have their final concert for the year which promises to be an amazing and emotional event as we say goodbye to our seniors with the traditions that never fail to make just about half of our senior choir and many parents cry as we wish everyone a good rest of their year and listen to the seniors sing some beautiful solos. In the same month, we say goodbye to some more seniors at our school's band final concert and in the final choirs' concert, both wonderful events one day after another with some of the most beautiful music and some selections that are always so much fun to learn. The one other concert that we already know about, is a new one. The jazz choir has been invited to sing at a Young Humanitarians event for the Manitoba Teacher Society. We're not totally sure what's going on yet but we're definitely excited for it!

So that's basically my entire year in music. Seems busy, doesn't it? As busy as it is, it keeps me going and It's how I've made some of the best friends I've got who are always there for me, no matter what's happening.
So, that's all for now.

Have  good week!