Wednesday, 17 April 2013


The third listening log of the batch is Walkin' by Miles Davis performed by LACHSA Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

1) This is an unaccompanied piece (acapella) so It's just the singers supporting each other.
3) It is a group singing in 4 parts with a few solos and there are at least 15 singers. I'm not sure about exactly how many.
4) Part of the music is English words but a lot is also just syllables, imitating instruments. The seemingly random syllables are written though. They are very good at sounding like the instruments.
6)I find it very impressive that a group so young could sound so professional and also be completely engaged and active in the song. They all seem to be enjoying it and the energy is remarkable.
7)There are 4 solos and they are very good, confident solos. Some are improvised and some are written. The improvised are very well done and I have to say that for a group of high school students They had great confidence and didn't think for a minute they would sing a "bad" note The girl who did an improvised solo was a little softer but it didn't matter. She was still heard and great. The 2nd improvised soloist was very creative and I liked the use of different syllables. The two girls who had written solos were also very proud in their singing and had very full voices for the melody.
8) The group was very together. Their vowels were almost identical and the cutoffs were crisp and clear throughout.
9) Their swells and little stylistic choices were all group decisions and in all the right places. Their dynamic contrast was great and I liked where they were putting little swells where you might not expect them.
11) I loved the layering and back and forth between the girls in 1:47-1:54. It really added something for me. I loved that even if you weren't watching their performance you had this idea that they were singing back and forth at each other. I think they could have done a little more with their bodies there as a group but as an overall performance I loved this group and their energy and commitment!
12) This group is a wonderful example that the size of your group doesn't matter. If it's a group of 6 or a group of 80 you can still sound like 4 voices. I thought it was also a great representation of the lesson: individual stylistic decisions within a group are fine in moderation and just add a more layered sound.